Been a while but!

Seems like it’s the yearly update! This is brought to you because my bf decided to start up his own blog and it reminded me that this exists hahaha.

So yea! Been getting back into Guild Wars 2 now thanks to my friends and I’m surprised with how much I’ve missed the gameplay 😀 But even more so, I miss the random chat going on. Here’s some screenshots I’ve taken because gotta share the funny.

This literally made me stop fighting mobs because I was laughing so damn hard.

This was honestly one of the funniest squads I’ve ever joined. No regrets.
And here I am just going BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE ME ADULT!!
When map chat suddenly turns full weeb.
… actually relatable XD
Some random dude decided to unload his frustrations on map chat
… with predictable results.
One of the funniest guild recruitment adverts I’ve ever seen.

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